BA-500 Teflon Adhesive Epoxy

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Caseway BA-500 is a light amber, 2-part kit for adhering Teflon (PTFE) to itself and other dissimilar materials like wood, metal, ceramics, rubber, and mechanical plastics. It is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications requiring resistance to impact, vibration, and chemicals. BA-500 is also recommended for surfaces with widely different thermal expansion characteristics. Continuous service at -20°F to (200-250°F) and even higher temperatures may be tolerated for short durations. Once cured, BA-500 is moisture proof and resists alkalis and most acids.

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For Bonding


Teflon (etched)

Dissimilar Materials:

• Wood                               • Rubber

• Metal                               • Other Plastics

• Ceramics

• Long Pot Life

• Good Outdoor Weather-ability

• Impact & Vibration Resistance

• Chemical Resistance

Typical Properties & Characteristics


Part A: Clear (Slightly Opaque)

Part B: Amber

Working Time:

(pot life)

120 minutes

(100 gram batches)

Coverage Area:

(.04 in thick)

Pint Kit (32 fl oz): 10 sq ft

Quart Kit (64 fl oz): 20 sq ft

65-85% Bond Strength:

24-48 hours

Operating Range:

-20°F to 200°F


Part A: Semi Viscous

Part B: High Viscous

BA-500 TDS