10cc/10ml Luer Lock Dispensing Syringes with Tip Caps

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  • 10cc/10ml syringe
  • 10cc/10ml Luer Lock Dispensing Syringes with Tip Caps


10cc/10ml solvent resistant, reusable syringe barrels. Luer Lock (also known as Luer-Lok) hub keeps needle tip from slipping off.

Solvent resistant, reusable Luer Lock syringe barrels. Great for solder paste dispensing, adhesives and super glues, inkjet cartridge refilling, hobbies and crafts. Compatible with all standard disposable needles and tips.

  • Non-sterile. Not for medical use
  • For industrial use only. User assumes all responsibility
  • Exercise caution when using needles and syringes. Needles WILL puncture skin
  • Approved safety glasses and gloves MUST be worn
  • Solvents may deteriorate parts over time. Not for prolonged use.
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