SC-101 Thickened Acrylic Solvent Cement

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Caseway SC-101 is a clear, thickened solvent cement for bonding acrylic to itself and other plastics such as styrene, butyrate, PVC, ABS, and polycarbonate. It dries slower than SC-125 and SC-94 permitting longer working time (4 – 6 minutes) depending on the joint and materials used. Used for various applications such as sign, displays, models, small parts, large parts, and more. The solvent in the thickened cement swells both surfaces to be cemented to permit the formation of the bond. The solvent then evaporates or dissipates through the materials leaving a clear joint with good weather resistance. Typical setting time is 10 minutes, but may be longer depending on joint type, temperature, and humidity.

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Advantages For Adhering
  • Setting time (10 minutes)
  • Medium viscosity
  • Extended working time
  • Good outdoor weatherability
  • Great joint strength
  • Acrylic (All Grades)
  • Dissimilar Materials:
    • Butyrate
    • PVC
    • Styrene
    • ABS
    • Polycarbonate


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