SC-125 Acrylic Solvent Cement

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SC-125 is formulated for cementing acrylic to itself and other plastics such as polycarbonate, styrene, and butyrate (CAB). Strong joints are made by using the “soak method.” Solvent cementing depends on the softening and intermingling of the two surfaces to be joined so that there is actual cohesion between the materials themselves. After assembly, the solvent evaporates or dissipates through the material and a hard clear joint is obtained. The choice of cementing technique will depend on the type of joint to be cemented.

Please note that when cementing acrylic in high humidity, SC-125 may leave white marks on the acrylic- referred to as “blushing.” Under these conditions, or when bonding extruded acrylic, SC-94 is recommended.  

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