2 oz Squeeze Bottle & Blunt Tip Dispensing Needle

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  • blunt tip dispensing needle
  • dispensing squeeze bottle with luer lock cap
  • Dispensing squeeze bottle with needle


The 2 ounce bottle and 25 Gauge x 1/2 Inch needle provides accurate dispensing for low-viscosity solvent cements. A blunt end syringe is a safe and efficient way to dispense solvent cement by drastically reducing exposure to the skin & lungs from other application methods. 

  • This syringe is non-sterile & not for medical use. For industrial use only.
  • Do not use for recreation or at home.
  • Do not use if you are a un-experienced individual, please contact a local specialist for help.
  • Never use, store, or dispose around children.

DIRECTIONS: Always insure the needle and bottle is sealed & the blunt end tip is tight. Twist the detached needle fully into the opening at the top of the bottle cap. Pour the solvent cement into the bottle using a non-corrosive small neck funnel. Seal the solvent container to reduce evaporation, spill risk, and exposure. Dispense your solvent according to proper methods for your application. 

STORAGE: Please ensure any remaining solvent is dispensed back into its original container after use. Check all seals and parts of the bottle for deterioration from prolonged use or left residue. Under different circumstances chemicals may have adverse affects on parts of the syringe. 

This item is not intended for prolonged use. Please ensure to check its parts & replace it regularly. 

DISPOSAL: After the syringe is completely empty of any solvent and residue, place the syringe into a plastic bag and throw into a sealed trash container where children have no access. 

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